Your support helps ITEM continue to transform African churches…one pastor at a time!

Express your care for African Christians and concern for the Church by making a gift today. For almost two decades, ITEM has been stretching every dollar given to train as many pastors as possible. Your support helps ITEM continue to transform African churches…one pastor at a time!

Our generous donors have already donated $32,000
and have challenged YOU to help match that donation! 

       These are the things that your money could do in Africa: 

  • $9600 could pay for 2years of mentoring for 20 men
  • $2800 could pay for 2 seminars of 40 men
  • $1000 could provide a technology bundle for 1 country team.
  • $385 is the average cost of a fully trained pastor.
              Includes 2 three-day seminars and 2 years of mentoring
  • $35 pays for 1 seminar for 1 pastor 

Your donation can be a one-time, monthly or end of year donation.
All donations are tax deductible.

* These figures are estimates from multiple countries where expenses vary.

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