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ITEM travels to Africa. This is where these daily travel diaries will appear. 

Travel Diary

Travel Diary 15: Impacting the World for Christ in the Next Generation

Dear ITEM Partners, The power went off again this morning, here at the guest house and once again their generator did not kick in. So, I have been sitting in a warming room (without AC), with little to do (no Internet) waiting for it to come back on and/or be picked up to be taken to the airport. I am grateful that the power stayed on all night so the room stayed cool. The coordinator, Nok, was supposed to be here around 10am to finish up with left over financial issues. Now after 12 noon and he’s not shown up. Since I do not have internet there is no way he can let me know what is going on. So, while I wait, I want to briefly reflect on what I saw this morning as I walked across the parking lot to the restaurant.

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Travel Diary

Travel Diary 14: Yes, This is Still Africa

Dear ITEM Friends, I have been reminded today that as modern as Abuja is and as well cared for I am here, this is still Africa. For one big reason I had been given a false sense of security. Now, today, one day before leaving for home, reality entered the room.

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