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ITEM's Travel Diary and Blog

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ITEM travels to Africa. This is where these daily travel diaries will appear. 

Steve's Travel Diary

Travel Diary 12: A Big Thank You

I will conclude this set of travel diaries with a big thank you, first to the Lord, secondly to you. My departure from Liberia was scheduled for 6:40pm on Thursday. I had a scheduled transit through Ghana to connect with the larger international carrier, KLM, up to Amsterdam then Portland.

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Chris' Travel Diary

Chris’ Travel Diary: THE DOOR OF NO RETURN

Dotted along the gold coast of Ghana are a series of glistening 16th century slave castles, magnificent in beauty and nefarious in purpose. Inside these haunted walls, an unspeakable terror occurred. African slaves captured and sold to the European colonizers were herded into prison cells awaiting their passage to the New World where they would be divorced from their families and culture, given new names, and spend the rest of their days in miserable servitude in a foreign land without any hope of freedom. The door through which these condemned slaves passed to board ships to the New World came to be known as “The Door of No Return.”

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