Youth Series

One of the requests we get from Africa is to develop a youth division for ITEM. The emerging generation in Africa is more familiar with the internet and all of the social media. They are more in tune with the rest of the world. The majority of pastors are not keeping up so a disconnect has developed between pastors and the younger generation. The younger generation needs to be taught truth of Scripture and challenged to know it, live by it, and teach it.  

The emerging generation in the United States has grown up in a culture that has moved away from God and His standards. The emerging generation in America has not been in school when prayer was allowed or when calling the United States "One nation under God" was not being challenged or when abortion was not a "right." Our president and founder, Steve Van Horn, was asked to speak at Youth Fest, sponsored by the Friends of Israel. He used this as an opportunity to develop this series of messages which he calls, "Looking for the Next Jeremiah."  

In the first message he talks about the challenge we are facing in our declining culture. Then he compares it with what Jeremiah was facing. He looks at how Jeremiah responded then challenged the audience to respond as Jeremiah did.    

In the second and third messages, Steve listed some biblical convictions he thought are essential for anyone desiring to be used as Jeremiah was. They are a high view of God, a 100% commitment to biblical authority, and living a life of personal holiness.  

In the final message he presents the commission. In this message, Steve uses Jude 3 to challenge the youth in the audience to contend for the faith in any and all fields they pursue in life. He suggests that God could use them in areas not normally considered including journalism, education, and law. Then he warns them that if they give themselves to becoming the next Jeremiah they will be persecuted, laughed at, and ridiculed.  

We hope you are challenged by these messages. You can listen to them online or download them. We encourage you to share them with your teenagers or the teenagers you know.

1. The Challenge and the Call

2. The Necessary Convictions - Part 1

3. The Necessary Convictions - Part 2

4. The Commission