ITEMís ministry in Rwanda got started after a providential introduction of Steve Van Horn and Pastor Simon Nziramakenga (see the 6th picture down). Steve and Simon crossed paths in Nairobi, Kenya and were introduced to each other by a mutual friend. Since both had served with Campus Crusade for Christ in their respective countries there was an immediate affinity. In time Steve traveled to Rwanda to work with Simon. Simon served as ITEMís coordinator unofficially before eventually handing it over to Pastor Joseph Ngoma.

Pastor Joseph Ngoma (pictured) was assisting Pastor Simon Nziramakenga when Simon began unofficially coordinating ITEMís ministry in Rwanda. When it became apparent that Simon did not have the time due to his other responsibilities he recommended to Steve Van Horn that Joseph be given the responsibility of leading ITEMís ministry in Rwanda, which he did until leaving for Europe in 2011 to further his education.
Some of our seminars in Rwanda have been held at the Good Shepherd Church in Kigali. The church started in a tent (seen here) and moved to the large facility in the background.
This picture was taken during a church service in the tent.
This picture was taken from the seminar being held during the week under the same tent.
Pastor John Leeder, Pacific Hope Church in San Diego, was with ITEMís founder, Steve Van Horn and here is preaching at the church on Sunday.
These are the seminar graduates with the church building that is being built in the background.
Pastor John Leeder is seen here with the pastor of the church, Simon Nziramakenga. Simon was Steveís initial contact in Rwanda. Simon was the director of Campus Crusade for Christ in Rwanda before planning the Good Shepherd Church.
Other ITEM seminars have been held in various locations. This particular seminar was conducted at a Salvation Army facility in Rwanda. Pastor Leeder is presenting one of the ITEM lectures during the seminar with a pastor, in the foreground, focusing on the notes that John is following.
Another view of the seminar in Rwanda. Each attendee has his own set of ITEM valuable notes.
Women who attend often refer to themselves as pastors. During the week we graciously point out the verses that explain that a woman cannot be a pastor.
Another view of the group listening intently to one of the lectures at the ITEM Institute in the Foundations of Church Leadership (IFCL).
In 1993 there was a tragic genocide in Rwanda. In a period of three weeks approximately 1 million Tutsis were killed by Hutus. This reminder sits in the middle of a busy road.
In the capital of Kigali there is a Genocide Memorial where the history of the genocide is recorded. In this picture we are looking down on a few of the 250,000 graves at this one site.
In this picture Steve is looking at the genocide memorial wall that has a list of the genocide victims.