Dr. Steve Van Horn ventured to Kenya the first time to teach a block course at the Nairobi International School of Theology (NIST) in response to an invitation from his long time friend and then President of NIST, Dr. Lazarus Seruyange. The two of them studied for their MDiv degrees at the same seminary around 1978-81. That first trip was very instrumental in the development of Steve's ministry. Steve continued to teach at the school twice a year. His last class was in January of 2003. Through the school he met many pastors and church leaders from a number of countries, and has been to many of their countries to speak at pastors' seminars. Many of them serve as ITEM representatives and coordinators in their home countries.

Steve has conducted seminars in Nairobi, the capital city, Kibera and Kawangwere, two slums near Nairobi, Kisumu, the second largest city in Kenya, Bondo, 40 miles west of Kisumu, and Gatura, 90 miles north of Nairobi.

Apollo Oluoch became ITEM’s Coordinator in Kenya around 2006. Here he is seen with his wife, Rose, and his natural and adopted children.
The very large majority of people living in Nairobi live in slums like Kawangware, Mathare, and Kibera. So if you are going to touch Nairobi effectively with the Word of God, you have to go into the slums. Steve has conducted seminars in Kawangware several times, and Kibera once. Here is one of the seminars in Kawangware.
This is a portion of the group of pastors who were trained in Kisumu.
Steve is pictured here lecturing at one of ITEM seminars in Kisumu.
Kisumu seminar participants are pictured here looking over their notes during one lecture.
Here is a picture of the participants in one of the Kisumu seminars.
This picture was taken at another seminar in Kisumu when Pastor Bobby Scott traveled with Steve.
This picture was taken after the completion of an ITEM seminar in Bondo, Kenya.
Completing the ITEM seminar is a big deal to most of them. At one seminar in Kisumu the seminar attendees brought out a graduation gown from the local Bible school and had pictures taken while they were wearing it.
One denomination pulled their missionaries out of the area and left the “shell” of a Bible school. We are in an ongoing conversation with the leaders of the school, one of which is ITEM’s coordinator Apollo Oluoch, about forming a partnership. In this picture Pastor Bobby Scott and I are discussing the possibilities with leaders from the school.
Bobby Scott, the pastor at Los Angeles Community Bible Church, accompanied Steve on one trip to Kenya and shared the lectures with Steve.
One of the fun things that take place during some trips is the chance to go shopping for souvenirs and gifts. Bobby Scott found an authentic African shirt for himself and some other items for others back home.
One of the things ITEM runs into in every country is an emphasis on signs, wonders, miracles and prophecy conferences. This poster advertises a “miracle crusade” in the Mathare area.
Here is another example. This is a poster in a pastor’s office. He is speaking at a “deliverance crusade” and on the right side of the poster it says, “Come expecting miracles, prophecy, breakthrough, healings, etc., and then he put Matthew 6:33 at the bottom: “Seek first the kingdom of God . . . and all of THESE things will be added to you.” The implication was, “If you seek God, you can expect healing, miracles, prosperity, breakthrough, etc.” That is what false teachers do. They take verses out of context to make promises they can’t keep.
The tallest man in this picture calls himself “Apostle.” When asked how he became an apostle he replied, “God told me,” which is a customary answer when someone is asked why they did what they did. At one church service he took a mouth full of oil from a small flask and spit it into the air and adoring fans tried to get under it to be “anointed” by him.
Kisumu, Kenya is where the first ITEM women’s seminar was conducted. Laurie Boyd, ITEM’s Women’s Ministry Coordinator, attended and led this first seminar. The ministry has grown since this picture. Details can be found on this website on the women’s ministry page.