Burundi was one of the last countries added to ITEM's list of countries. Over the years Steve, ITEM's founder, had several invitations to bring the training to Burundi. Eventually Steve sent Bob Allen, a French-speaking former missionary, to conduct an ITEM seminar there. But it wasn't until about 2009 that Steve himself conducted his first seminar in Burundi.

Pastor Joseph Ngoma (left) was ITEM's coordinator in Rwanda and served as the coordinator of Burundi also until he moved to Europe to further his education. Pastor Robert (right) is from across the border in the city of Uvira in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Robert is a key contact for ITEM in that country.
Bosela Eale, pictured here with his wife Brigette, was one of Dr. Steve Van Horn's first students when Steve started teaching at the Nairobi International School of Theology in 1998. Bosela went on to become ITEM's first coordinator in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He then went on to get his PhD degree in South Africa and now serves as the Vice-Chancellor of the International Leadership University in Bujumbura, Burundi. Dr. Eale also serves as ITEM's Coordinator in Burundi. He is assisted by Dr. Fohle Lygunda who heads up the school's department of missiology.
The facilities used by ITEM to conduct its seminars is completely up to the coordinator. Things are set up before the ITEM trainer arrives. The location is critical. It needs to be in some local location where pastors from many areas can get to. Sometimes the buildings are made our of brick and cement. Other times they are built with wood. Some have cement floors. Some have dirt floors. This is one of the facilities that has hosted an ITEM seminar.
The Burundi seminar attendees from the side.
The group after receiving their certificates of completion.
Sometimes the lunches are as simple as a large sub sandwich bun plus butter and maybe a thin slice of meat. Other times, like here, the lunch is very substantial. ITEM provides lunch every day for each attendee.
Another view of the group listening intently to one of the lectures at the ITEM Institute in the Foundations of Church Leadership (IFCL).
International Leadership University in Bujumbura, Burundi is a part of Campus Crusade for Christ's ministry on the continent of Africa. Dr. Bosela Eale, ITEM's Coordinator, is the Vice Chancellor of the school. ITEM and ILU have established a partnership and will conduct ITEM Seminars jointly and use the seminars to also promote ILU's Bible diploma program.
There is a strong emphasis on the supernatural everywhere in Africa and one of those claims is being a prophet and claiming to speak (prophesy) a message from God. This church has 1 Samuel 19:18-24 on its sign. These verses King Saul kept sending his agents to Ramah and each group prophesied when they arrived.
Islam is gaining in strength all over Africa. In the north there are very militant groups trying to cleanse their areas of Christians. In other parts of Africa the Muslims are using their wealth to build mosques, schools, and medical clinics to increase the visibility of Islam. They often offer free schooling to anyone who will come and study the Koran. This is a picture of a mosque being built in Burundi.