Wide Open Doors in Rwanda

Dear Prayer Partners,

Sunday was a travel day so my time to put together a report was limited. It was another on-time day, which makes life less stressful. “Thank you, Lord.”

Emmy and I left Huye, Rwanda just before noon to head back to the capital of Kigali. We arrived about 3pm. We had lunch and headed to his home for me to meet his five boys, all former “street kids.” I put a picture the photo album. After taking them in, his income was reduced but he could not allow himself to put them back on the street so he trusts the Lord day by day. He expects to be caring for these boys until they reach their 20s.


This past weekend was an application of these verses: Eph 3:20-21, “Now to Him who is able to do above and beyond all that we ask or think … to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever.”

Emmy told me previously to expect between 1000-1500. That would have been amazing! Then they had to move it to the outdoor stadium because of growing interest. I knew it was packed but had no idea until Sunday that it holds 2500-2700. Emmy believes it was full. Amazing.

Then Saturday, we had a full room for the all day seminar.

Several times I have heard comments about the importance of equipping and preparing the next generation of leaders. I truly believe ITEM’s Next Gen Ministry is “for such a time like this,” to apply the oft used verse from Esther.


I asked Emmy to think about a strategic plan moving forward. As he shared his thoughts, my heart was responding with a mighty “AMEN!”

The University of Rwanda has seven campuses and his idea is to do similar things on as many of those campuses as possible. And he has the connections to make it happen. When I consider his network and reputation as a leader of leaders around Rwanda (he is national coordinator for the youth ministry of the Presbyterian church in Rwanda), I think it is possible. Then when I add to that the three or four young men I met in Kigali earlier last week, I see almost unlimited possibilities in Rwanda, if God wills.

Emmy also shared a thought about training a team of apologists who can do similar things on either university or high school campuses. Again, my heart responded with an immediate, “AMEN!”

When the Lord nudged me to start ITEM’s Next Gen Ministry, I had no idea where He might take us. It’s similar to when I started ITEM in 2003. I prayed, “Lord, you open a door and I’ll try walk through it.” The door in Rwanda seems to be WIDE OPEN.


I am traveling tomorrow, Tuesday, to Zimbabwe. I have never been there. Reps from Apologetics on Mission (AoM) (Oregon City, Oregon) and I will be conducting a two day seminar. The organizer is inviting a couple of leaders from 11 countries in the southern region of Africa. This will be an introduction to apologetics. AoM conducts certificate level apologetics courses online and speaks in various places in the world. I am focusing more and more on universities and secondarily on pastors and churches. Only God knows what the response will be. There might be more WIDE OPEN DOORS by the end of the week.

I come back here to Nairobi on Thursday and will do a seminar at International Leadership University here.

I leave for home next Sunday.


  • For the Holy Spirit to keep interest high in Rwanda

  • For the two day seminar in Zimbabwe

  • For safety and health

  • And for God to raise up a trainee who will lead the Next Gen Ministry when I am no longer able to

Here is the link to the photo album. Several pics and short videos added including a pic of Emmy, his boys, and me.

Thank you for your interest and for your prayers.

By His grace,


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