Trip Diary 4: At Least I Tried

I am currently near Embu, Kenya with Nathan. We start our seminar tomorrow, Tuesday. It was a long day of travel after a hard night. But God’s grace is always sufficient.


The hard night was caused by the almost rock-hard foam mattress. I’ve been in this situation before and have been able to soften the top with blankets, pads, covers. . . years and years ago I used bubble wrap but, in that case, it was to put a layer between a thin mattress and wood slats. Last night my efforts did not pay off. When I return to Nairobi at the end of the week, I’ll stay someplace else.


Other than a hard bed and a long drive, there was a cancelled meeting with a representative of International Leadership University to discuss a partnership where I’d donate most of my library and we’d get special consideration when it comes to renting space so we can register in Kenya. I still hope to have that meeting.

Tomorrow we begin a strategic seminar.


The host is a church planter. He is called Bishop. Here, a Bishop oversees several pastors. Under this bishop are other bishops. Nathan believes there are possibly 9 or 10, and each of these bishops will have 3-4 of the pastors they supervise. So, what you have is one leading 9-10 others who are leading 3-4 others. The plan is for Nathan to “mentor” the bishops and the bishops will then “mentor” the pastors under them.


We have already had conversations about setting up another resource center in this area of Kenya. The head bishop (I’ll get his name tomorrow) has property and a church, apparently with space for resources. I am sure there will be more to report on this as the week goes on.

That’s it for today. It is after 9pm here; time to unwind.


At the top of the prayer list is rest for Nathan and I, clarity in our presentation, and comprehension for the pastors and bishops in attendance.

I haven’t had a chance to help with a seminar for quite a while. I am looking forward to it!

By His grace,


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  1. We join you in prayer for clarity as you train the bishops who will then train the other bishops & pastors. And that the Lord will grant them comprehension in these matters of the gospels. As the Lord will allow may your discussion on the resource center opportunity be filled with wisdom and guidance of His spirit for His name sake and glory. Amen

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