Trip Diary 2: Man’s Plan, God Directs

My (original) itinerary was Thursday Portland to Seattle then Friday, Seattle to Amsterdam then on to Nairobi Kenya. The flight from Amsterdam to Kenya was to be a KLM flight. Then a (not so) funny thing happened on my way to Seattle, KLM announced that long-haul flights were being suspended. Now what? I contacted the travel agent and he offered to cancel the trip. I decided to head to Seattle and figure it out from there (here).


When I got to my room in Seattle (to spend the night before Friday’s flight) I went to work. My travel agent had sent me some alternative routes using Air France rather than KLM. I was leaning towards returning home on Friday and called Brenda (my wife of 51 years) and when I reminded her of how I don’t like having to make instant decisions like this, she said, “You are packed. There is a way to get there so just do it.” (Or something like that.) That’s what I needed to hear!



I called Delta and was told that the new KLM policy was not a done deal but it wouldn’t be a good idea to chance it. The KLM policy was to require

a negative Covid test no more than FOUR hours before departing for Amsterdam. I ended that call, called back a little later and went to work putting together the new itinerary using Air France in place of KLM. After an hour on the phone with Delta and another 20-30 with Air France, it was done. I leave Seattle Friday at 11am instead of 1:30pm. From there to Atlanta, to Paris (long layover), then to Nairobi Kenya. Instead of arriving 10pm Saturday, I arrive 6:20am Sunday.


Nothing to it! (Not!)


Continue to pray for safe travel, health, and proper rest.


By His grace,



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