Travel Diary 8: Today It Was My Turn

Dear ITEM Prayer Partner,

If anyone flies enough, eventually you get bit by the cancellation or over-booked bug. Today, I got bit by the over-booked bug.

It started as expected. Because of a noon check-out time from the hotel and a 4:25 flight, I was at the airport some 4 hours ahead of the flight. After sitting on hardwood chairs for 90 mins I went to check in and then it started. Guys ahead of me in line were turned away and sent across the hall to the Kenya Airways Customer Service counter. Also known as “we will help you rebook your flights.” I was sent there as well. I was there a LONG LONG time, as were others.

When all was said and done, I learned that the flight was overbooked and I was one of the lucky ones to be kicked off the flight. Having flown as many miles as I’ve flown with these airlines over the past 24 years I would have expected better.

They sent all of us to a hotel for a few hours. Fed us dinner. It is approaching 10pm here in Madagascar now. I head back to the airport at 11pm for a 1am flight to Nairobi. I’ll spend literally ALL day in the airport (lounge, I think) and leave at midnight for home.

Assuming nothing else happens, I’ll be home 24 hours later that my original itinerary.

My prayer, besides that there are no other hiccups on this trip back to home, is that this was my turn and that it won’t be my turn again for a while.

Poor Sandee, she’s now on her own getting back to Portland. I told her by text, “There are a lot of airport personnel standing around at every airport who are happy to help guide you.

I took a few pictures today but will save them for now.

SAME LINK Here is the link to see the slides in the album.

By His grace,