Travel Diary 8: Breaking New Ground

Dear Friends and Family,

A short but encouraging report today. We have broken new ground. Our team in Bujumbura crossed the border into the DRC and conducted our first seminar in the far eastern city in the Dem Rep of the Congo. I am including the coordinators report in my report today. Plus, I am adding maps to the photo album to give you a picture of where all of this is happening. Plus, an additional map of Burundi that explains what is going on and where, there.


When you look at the map of the DRC I just put into the photo album you will see that the vast majority of our ministry is around the capital and on the coast. There is some up north in Bandundu.

Years ago we did seminars in Goma and Bukavu (see map) but there has been no one to follow up.

You will also see that Uvira is thousands of miles east and the only way to get there from the capital is by plane. Bujumbura, the capital of Burundi, is right across the border, so it only makes sense to have the Bujumbura team do the seminar, which they did. Here is the report of Boniface Okalo, our coordinator in Burundi.

First of all, we are very grateful to God our father, our trip to DR Congo has been very beneficial for God’s church there and for us. We have met with Church leaders of the Uvira city and they have received the teachings of ITEM showing great interest. Within 3 days we went through IFCL curriculum (the Basic and Advanced lectures) step by step. They were truly following the teachings by heart and seeking further clarification. We have clearly seen that it is a country full of false teachings and Christians there believe a lot in the words they are told by those who call themselves prophets rather than believing in the word of God (the Bible), many things and types of non-biblical worship.

We gave them time to ask questions about each subject, and they are very grateful to ITEM and ITEM leaders for this great vision. Here are some photos and videos. They took so many photos and videos but some of them are too big and need to reduce the capacity (volume) so that they may be sent.

We thank the Lord for the continued expansion of ITEM and the breaking of new ground. PRAY for these newly trained pastors in eastern Congo. Boniface will be planning a follow up seminar soon.


Sunday was another laid-back day for me. It included another walking trip to YaYa for another salad lunch. Besides that, not much to write about.


Tomorrow I head back to the airport at 7:30 for a noon flight. Yes, early, but maybe we can beat a little of the morning traffic that starts to gather about that time. I’ll head to the lounge and wait for my flight. I’ll fly to Monrovia, Liberia with a stopover in Accra, Ghana to drop off and pick up passengers.

Tuesday I’ll meet with our team. Wednesday I’ll have the opportunity to talk to some young people and answer questions. Thursday I head for home.

Please continue to pray for all the normal stuff and that my time in Liberia will be fruitful with our team and the youth.

Thanks for praying and caring.

By His grace,



HERE IS THE LINK to the photo album with maps and other new stuff.

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