Travel Diary 7: NEVER A DOUBT (NOT!)

Dear ITEM Family,

 This is probably going to be the final report of this trip. The last two days have been used mostly to get ready for the trip home. But even at that, they were not without some angst, uncertainty, and substance.

 We flew back to Nairobi, Kenya on Sunday with nothing on our schedule but to get our Covid test to get back home and I had a meeting with the leader of Apologetics Kenya, a ministry I have begun to work with.


 Our taxi driver who has served us this entire trip, including all of the back and forth to the airport with our coordinators coming in from around East Africa, took us to West Nairobi Hospital to get tested. Good price and results in six hours.

 We made our way through traffic, never easy with all of the construction going on for the Nairobi Bypass, to the hospital. What greeted us was a mass of humanity in three separate lines that filled a very large area. All of them waiting to be tested. I was not in a mood to stand in line for 2-3 hours to get tested, so our driver suggested coming back after dinner. Keep in mind this was the day before our flight home so we had to have the report by 4pm the next day (today).

 I’ll admit, I was feeling some stress at that moment. On the way back to our guest house the driver called a doctor friend who “comes to you” to do covid testing. They guy said he’d check his schedule.

 To get to the bottom line, after waiting and waiting and waiting to hear something, he finally came and tested us right here at the guest house and when we woke up this morning the negative report was in our email inbox! Thank you, Lord! Like I said, “NEVER A DOUBT!”


Dr. Kevin Muriithi, a young man with a 2yr7mo old boy, and who just finished a PhD program, and who heads up Apologetics Kenya, stopped by the guest house to discuss my upcoming virtual class (Feb 17, 24) on New Testament Survey and corresponding apologetics topics like “is the Bible reliable?” “Is/was Jesus really God in the flesh?” “Did Jesus really raise from the dead?”

 We also discussed a groundbreaking seminar coming up in early May in Kampala, Uganda. I am joining with Apologetics Kenya, Adventurous Apologetics (Oregon, USA) and others from around East Africa to speak to a group of Christian leaders here on the importance of apologetics with a view of getting something started regionally. It was a good meeting.

 That brings us to the final day of our time here. We are leaving on a redeye flight to Paris. Then we’ll take separate flights home. Chris to Virginia and me to Oregon.

 Thanks for coming along with us on this trip and for praying for us and our meetings! Please continue as we head home.

 By His grace,
Steve (and Chris)

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