Dear Friends and Family,

Today has been a simple day but not a day without issues. There was nothing on my schedule so I started packing for my Wednesday trip to the DRC early. Then after breakfast it happened. Stomach cramps followed by a case of diarrhea. Good news is that I don’t have a fever. My covid test came back negative. So, it is something else. I would not be too much concerned if it were not that I am scheduled to leave the guest house at 4:15am Wed for the airport and my 7:30am flight to the DRC. I’ve started taking the Cipro I carry with me on trips. Cramping sessions and trips to the restroom seem to be lessening. I’ll leave it at that. JUST PRAY for wisdom. My thought is, if I have no fever and my symptoms do not carry through the night, I may brave it. 


After my trip down memory lane yesterday, visiting the campus of International Leadership University, I did a quick search to find picture from “back in the day” and found a few. I put them in the photo album. I know there are others but I probably will not find them until I get home. Anyway, CLICK HERE to check out the nostalgic pictures from 1998 and 2000. 

And if you see this before 6:15pm  Tuesday, Pacific time, please pray for wisdom for me regarding making the trip to the DRC. Thanks.

Assuming I make the trip, I expect to be tested again IMMEDIATELY for Covid, though I tested negative yesterday, and then taken to a quarantine facility (probably a hotel, I am told) and wait for my results that could take up to 24 hours. PRAY also for a low stress process. And pray for God’s peace to fill me! Thanks.

By His grace and for His glory,


CLICK HERE for the photo album.

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