Travel Diary 3: Good Insights

Hi Everyone,

This will be short and sweet. I left my room at 9:15. Drove to the first church to be a part of a long and very loud service. After preaching and finishing the service we drove an hour to the second church. After eating lunch we had a 3-hour apologetics seminar, a copy of what we did yesterday. This time there were 182 by the time people finished coming. That is about 332 in the two days. It went very well. Then we drove 90 minutes back to the guest house, arriving at 7:15pm, where I am, awaiting dinner. Then I need to pack. Get to bed to get up tomorrow before 4am to leave for the airport at 4:30am. I will add more to this report when I can. There were some good insights gained by attendees that were shared with me. All for now.

By His grace,

Here is the link to the album.