Travel Diary 15: No Place Like Home

Dear ITEM Prayer Partners,

I’m on my way home! My flight from Nairobi, Kenya leaves around noon Pacific time USA on Friday and my touchdown in Portland, OR is 8:52pm Saturday. Today (Friday) was a casual day and the manager at the Biblica Guest House blessed me.


I turned in some laundry yesterday, Thursday, and as of Friday morning it had not been brought back to me. When I went to check, I found it on a desktop in reception where it was placed Thursday and forgotten. No big deal. It got done.


Check out time was 11. I was to leave for the airport at 3:45pm. That is almost 5 hours to wait and unlike beloved Mayfield Guest House, there is no lounge area to just “hang out.” It is all restaurant or patio seating around tables. Plus, there was no convenient place to freshen up before leaving or the airport. When I started asking what my options were, the nice guest house manager said I could stay in my room until I had to leave! NICE! That was the blessing.

My next trip, Lord willing, is right after Easter. There is a good chance I’ll be back at Biblica. I’m beginning to find my way around there.


Not only does the early bird catch the worm but it doesn’t have to wait in lines. I wanted to be at the airport at 5pm for my 11pm flight. We left the guest house at 3:45pm. Good thing! That construction I’ve been talking about turned a 30-minute trip into a 75-minute trip. We got there at 5 and it was a good thing. There was only one door open into the international terminal and you had to get your Covid docs approved before entering the terminal. At 5pm there were only a few in front of me. Imagine later in the evening when two large international groups start showing up. Yikes!


I think back two weeks when KLM suspended all long-haul flights and I had to switch horses in the middle of the stream, as they say. Then there was the adventure of Terminal 2E in France. But once I got to Nairobi, the trip came off pretty much like clockwork, except for a couple of hiccups. Nathan and I had a great time ministering together.


It’s now time to get home, see my dear wife, great kids, grandkids, and great grandkids. Yes, no place like home and nothing tops being with family!

Thanks for coming along and for caring and praying!

By His grace,

4 thoughts on “Travel Diary 15: No Place Like Home”

  1. Steve
    Your diary was so interesting. I love your descriptions and the fun way you express yourself. A very enjoyable way I could travel with you. Loved your bad dream that turned to be so wrong. PTL
    Glad you will be home with family soon. Thank you for sharing all the photos also.
    Hope to see you soon. I bought your Ephesians 4 book and after reading it I gave it to Greg Felt as he missed the Sunday you spoke at Twin Rivers.
    Take care and may God bless your work.

  2. Thanks for sharing your journey with me and others. Enjoyed the pictures and meeting some of the people who are working with Item.

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