Travel Diary 13: This Is A Test

Hi Everyone,

I am back in Nairobi. Two more nights here (in the same bed two nights in a row!!!!) and I head for home. ETA at Portland airport is just before 9pm Saturday. Today was moving day. Nathan and I got up in Kisumu, Kenya. Left Melvic Hotel at 9. Our flight was at 11 and we arrived in Nairobi less than an hour later. Nathan and I went in different directions when we left the airport. But we’ll see each other one more time before I leave for home.


It took me longer to get from the airport to the guest house than it did to fly from Kisumu to Nairobi. But on the way to the guest house, I made a stop at the South Nairobi Airport to get tested for Covid. I have to carry an official report of testing negative within three days of leaving for home.


I am sure that there are many degrees of opinions about the Covid virus, the severity, the use of masks, etc. But Kenya Airways makes their opinion very clear. One look at the way the flight attendants dress shouts loudly what their feelings are. Check out the pictures below.

Kenya’s Covid policy: If you are not wearing a mask when you are out in public, you can be fined by local police. Nathan thinks it is a revenue producer for the individual policeman.

Lagos, Nigeria’s Covid policy: According to Nathan, if you are out in public not wearing a mask, you will be put in jail or six months.


The length of the drive from the airport to Biblica Guest House is in ruins as the city constructs a major downtown bypass, express, toll lane. Until it is finished in 2022 it is going to be a mess going through town. (See below for the pictures added today.)


It was a little bit of a challenge getting the test. I had to ask two security guards (the first told me to talk to the second), a receptionist, a second receptionist, a cashier, two more security guards (mostly helping me with directions), and finally the doctor in the tent where the test was taking place.


The test results are available but to get to them, I have to receive a passcode on my phone but my phone is not local. So that doesn’t help. I have to get taxi back to the hospital Thursday morning to get the results. My temperature has been taken at least 20 times in two weeks and it’s always been in the 95-96 range on this trip, so I am assuming the test will be negative.

One more Covid note. I asked two groups if any had been sick with Covid or if they new someone who had been. None had contacted it and only 3-4 knew of someone who had become sick with it.


Apologetics in Africa

At lunch on Thursday, I will be meeting with two men. The discussion will be on the topic of Christian apologetic, or being prepared to answer the questions posed by skeptics and seekers. I understand there is a group with the name Apologetics Africa. One of the young men has been associated with ITEM for a few years and is interested in this kind of ministry. One objective would be to get on campuses, share the gospel, and answer questions. This has become a real interest of mine in recent years.

Speaking to a preaching class

The second opportunity is speaking to Nathan’s preaching class at Pan Africa Christian University. These are masters students.

I am looking forward to both of these opportunities. PLEASE pray for God’s strong leading in both.

That will do it for today, Wednesday, 3 Feb. In tomorrow’s post, I’ll let you know how things went.

Thanks for caring and praying.

By His grace,

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  1. Steve,
    As always thank you for the update on your trip. It is really encouraging to read about changed lives.
    You and your team keep up the good work. I know God is working in your lives and the lives of those you touch.
    Have a safe trip home.

    Ron B.

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