Dear ITEM Prayer Partners,

Monday was a busy day. The day started with an appointment with the Vice Chancellor of ILU (Intl Leadership University, formerly Nairobi Intl School of Theology where I taught as an adjunct 1998-2003). That was followed a couple of hours later with an online Apologetics Workshop. I was the  keynote Speaker and needed those two hours to do final prep. Then, it was, eat lunch, pack, and head to the airport. I am at the airport, in the lounge now. So, this trip has ended but I have a feeling it is more of a beginning.

My day started with an appointment with Dr. Tim Kihuri, the Vice Chancellor of Intl Leadership U. As I’ve explained this past week, I started my missionary adventures at this school in `1998 and ITEM is a direct result of my involvement there and with students I met during my five years as an adjunct prof.

In recent months I’ve felt led to donate much or all of my library to the school. They need additional Bible and Theology resources. We, ITEM leadership, have also wanted to pursue being registered in Kenya but we need an address. Dr. Kihuri was very open to my proposal. I also asked if we could put a plaque or picture or something on the wall in the library sharing how ITEM started in that school and a little of my testimony. He said, “Sure! Then your great grandchildren can come to Kenya and see evidence of their great grandfather’s legacy. I had to smile after that. We also discussed the possibility of me coming back to teach a course in the future. Wouldn’t that be great? At the end of my travels, come back to teach a class where it all began!

That meeting was followed by an online, virtual Apologetics Workshop. I was the keynote speaker, addressing the need for apologetics being a part of a church’s ministry. That was followed by a Q&A time, followed by a panel discussion featuring pastors and leaders who see the need and are already doing apologetics. The goal was to raise awareness and get something started that will train believers to be able to dialogue with others about the truth-claims of Christianity and then be able to give reasonable, rational answers to questions raised by skeptics and even fence-riding Christians.

It was a stimulating time. I was energized as I listened to these mostly young Kenyans talk about the need and their interest.

As ITEM is in transition to a new president in about two years, I see myself making a gradual transition to helping to develop an ITEM Youth Ministry under ITEM’s umbrella of ministries. Apologetics seems to be the foundation on which to build such a ministry.

There is a possibility, if God approves and provides, of working with Kevin Muriithi, Apologetics Kenya, and Ben Clifton, Eternal Impact back in Oregon (who has apologetics connections in Rwanda and Uganda) to build towards an eventual Apologetics Network of East Africa. So, as the title of this reports asks, if this just the end of this trip or the beginning of something big? Stay tuned!

Thanks for joining me on this trip and for praying. I am boarding my flight in about an hour, heading first to France, then Los Angeles, then Portland. Lord willing, I’ll touch down in Portland about 7pm, Tuesday!

By His grace and for His glory!

Here is the link to the photo album. Click to go there. Added a few pictures of the ground here at Biblical Guest House.

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