Travel Diary 12: A Big Thank You

Dear Praying Friends,

I will conclude this set of travel diaries with a big thank you, first to the Lord, secondly to you. My departure from Liberia was scheduled for 6:40pm on Thursday. I had a scheduled transit through Ghana to connect with the larger international carrier, KLM, up to Amsterdam then Portland.

But as I wrote to you on Wednesday, the incoming flight into Liberia had been late to extremely late for the previous 4-5 times and if that happened again I would miss my connection and probably be stranded in Ghana with no phone, no visa, and probably no empty seats on upcoming flights for the foreseeable. It was a very stressful time. What added to the stress was that the WIFI was not working at the hotel so I had no phone and no internet; no way to contact anyone.

I was anxious for Thursday morning to come to check online to see if the incoming flight was on schedule or late again. And, almost predictably, there was no wifi, therefore no internet to check.

Our coordinator, Prince Guankeh, showed up about 10am and we used his phone as wifi hotspot. I got online to check and when I saw that the flight was on time, I felt a great burden lifted.

The rest of the day was on schedule. I am writing this from the Amsterdam airport waiting to board my final flight that takes me to Portland. Expected arrival in Portland 2:10pm Friday.

Thank you for praying. Thank you for caring. Thank you for giving.

By His grace,

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