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This may be the shortest blog report in the history of my blog reports but that doesn’t mean the day was uneventful. If you have been following along during the trips this year, then you have been introduced to Steven Mzungu. He’s a teachable young man who is committed to this ministry and has worked with both Nathan and I here in Nairobi and on the east coast of Kenya, where he’s from. 


I learned today that he has a good relationship with the Baptists in his region and that includes 14 conventions and maybe 500 pastors. He has a desire to systematically provide training and mentoring for each of those conventions in the coming years. He’s beginning the mentoring phase with one convention and will be starting the process with the second very soon. The goal is to equip those he’s mentoring from the first convention to be able to mentor those coming next and so on. I was greatly encouraged. I put his picture into the album. You might recognize him from previous trips.


Around 5pm, Nathan, you all know Nathan, my good friend and special rep in this area, took me for my sixth covid test in the past 15 days. When I got back to my room, I could not find my phone and I knew I had it in my room before we left. I could not find it anywhere in my room. Emailed Nathan to check his car. Had Nathan call the test site. No sign of the phone. Then he had one of his sons (he refers to them as my – Steve’s – grandsons) go look in the car again and it was under the front seat. It had slipped out of my pocket. Close call.

So, Sunday I head for home. I leave on a redeye as always. I’ll be transiting through Amsterdam for the first time in over a year. From there to Seattle. Then to Portland. Nineteen hours of flying time when we add the three flights. I expect to touch down in Portland around 4:15PM. Then to save Brenda the hassle of rush hour traffic, I’ll take the train back to with 15 minutes of our house. So, Lord willing, I’ll walk in the front door of our house around 7pm Monday.

Thanks for coming along and praying. It was a very fruitful trip! To God be the glory!

By His grace,


Uploaded just a couple of new pics. CLICK HERE to check them out.

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