Travel Diary 1: It’s All About COVID

Dear Friends,

I am at the Red Lion near the Portland airport. I have a 6am flight Wednesday morning. When you see this, I will be well on my way to
Liberia. I am scheduled to touch down in the capital city of Monrovia just before 5pm Thursday, there. That is 10am PDT here in the States.

I had the Covid virus in February. I chose to also be vaccinated in March. Yet, I had to be tested Monday since Liberia requires all visitors to present a negative test report when entering the country. But that is not the end. Upon arrival in Monrovia, I have to be tested again before leaving the airport. That’s Thursday. Then on Friday I have to have another PCR test
because next Monday I travel to Kenya and they require a negative test result no more than 3 days before traveling to Kenya. For me it would be 7 days. They require no more than three.
On Thursday, after getting tested in the morning, I will meet with the Liberian team. My goal is to be sure that they understand our goal of seeing believers and churches transformed NOT just getting pastors to attend our seminars.

Please pray that they “get it” if they don’t already.

More along the way!

By His grace,

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