The What and Why

Dear Friends and Family,

This may sound strange but it is hard to believe that I left home 16 days ago. Imagine, in 16 days I traveled from Portland to Kenya, conducted four one day apologetics workshops, participated in one two day apologetics seminar, spoke to 2500 students on Univ of Rwanda, was interviewed on Rwandan TV and Rwandan radio. I know it is a very old cliché: How time flies when you are having fun!


The last scheduled event for this trip happened today. We had an intro to apologetics workshop at Intl Leadership Univ (where I taught 1998-2003 as adjunct when it was called Nairobi Intl School of Theology). There were students from several local universities. There were medical students, at least one psychology student, and one law student.

The organizer planned for 100 but there might have been half that many, although some were following online.


I was asked to give two presentations: Presentation 1: The What and Why of apologetics. Presentation 2: The How of apologetics.

I keep emphasizing that “apologetics” is a $10 word with a $1 application. Apologetics sounds formal and weighty, but 1 Per 3:8 (cf 3:15) makes it clear it is for all of us, every believer.

I was encouraged after the first presentation when a young man complimented on the organization and simplicity of my presentation. He said he could see it is for every believer.


This was an educated, group of university students, all of whom are followers of Christ. As a result, most of the questions were theological not scientific or philosophical.

But I got the same question I’ve been asked before: “Does apologetics change the emphasis from doing evangelism?” ANS: Not a chance. Apologetics just clears the path for the gospel to be presented.

Another: Are there long term and short term questions we need to learn to answer (my paraphrase) and how do we do that? He was wanting to know the difference and how we differentiate. ANS: The longterm, never changing questions go back to our biblical worldview that answers the questions of origin, identity, morality, meaning, destiny. Plus the customary questions about the existence of God, the inspiration of Scripture, etc. The cultural questions change generation to generation if not day by day. And the answers to the never changing questions and the biblical Christian worldview are the foundation from which all other answers come.

And, “what do you do when the person you are talking to gets offended if you keep asking them questions? (Our approach is to answer questions by asking questions.) ANS: Explain that you sincerely want to understand exactly what they believe and why so that is why you keep asking them questions.

Then there was a question about inspiration but the attendee was just passing on a question that they had been asked. Another asked “why did God have a Son?” We assumed he asked why God the Father “had” a Son (the virgin birth).

And more.

The response was quite good. I told them that I was available to help them on their campuses. When I was finished, one young woman, a medical student names Joann, invited me to speak at an apologetics workshop on their campus on Feb 17. Obviously I won’t be here then. Another asked me to mentor him in the area of apologetics. And others said they would be in touch.

I was encouraged by the time and thank God for the opportunity and thank YOU for making it possible by your prayers and financial support.

I am hoping to have pictures to upload with this report. I have a couple but none from when I was presenting.

Tomorrow is a day off for me. I plan to take a healthy walk to my favorite local hangout, Java House in YaYa Center, and have a nice big salad and maybe a fruit smoothie. Then Sunday I’ll head to the airport at 4 or 5pm to get checked in for my midnight departure for home!

Here is the link to the photo album.

By His grace,