Lord, Give Me Wisdom

Hello Everyone,


Happy Thursday, to you! This was my first and last day off of this trip which began April 29. I had two meetings set up. And after not sleeping much last night I was worried about staying awake during my after-lunch meetings. The conversations were so stimulating that it was easy to stay awake. God keeps bringing new people with apologetics interests into my life.


The first was with Sabastian Oti. (I forgot to get a picture with him, but I will get one on Friday morning.) He found me as a part of an apologetics group on Whatsapp. I mentioned on that group that I was planning to do talks on LGBTQ issues in Kenya on this trip and he saw that, contacted me, and asked to meet.


He has a burden for youth and especially regarding the LGBTQ topic. He and I discussed different ways in which I may be able to fit into what he is doing and wants to do. See the picture album to see a couple of posters of recent events that he hosted. He is a pastor and has a young girl with a same-sex attraction who has confided in him. She told him it started when she was in primary school. Later he found out that her stepfather abused her when she was very young and she found that other girls treated her the way she wants to be treated, unlike the way her step father did. We’ve heard this before. He had another young girl tell him that another girl wanted to be her “girlfriend.” He asked me what I would say to her.


We talked about how parents and other adults should deal with such confessions and why many/most kids will not tell their parents (they are afraid of how their parents/the adults) will react when hearing the confession. That was the case in both of these situations. And the one who had been abused was afraid to tell her (biological) mother. These are examples of what I have been preparing myself for, to be able to counsel pastors, parents, others how to talk to kids who make these kinds of announcements, while at the same time, preparing pastors, parents, and youth about the sexual tsunami that is heading this way.


Sebastian told me that pastors of big churches, who are well off with the status quo in their churches don’t want to be bothered with these real-life issues. Tragic!


The second meeting was with Obed Lewi (I did get a picture of him.). He met Nathan Chiroma when studying youth work at Pan African Christian University here in Nairobi, Nathan was an instructor. He asked Nathan to mentor him. Nathan didn’t have time and put him in touch with one of our Associate Trainers, Pastor Caleb Hilbert.


Obed is a young man who got his master’s degree in youth work and works with youth in his church. He also does workshops to help train youth workers. He helps them understand the personalities of the millennial and Gen Z generations. He, too, is savvy when it comes to the needs of youth, what they are thinking, and the questions they are asking. He is also starting to read in the area of apologetics. He is a mature, capable, articulate young man who seems to have everything needed to impact the next generation.


I told me that there are Christian Fellowship groups on almost every campus and each of these groups have leaders. And he said that it is possible to have “open mic” meetings sponsored by these Fellowships where students could ask questions. The questions are similar. If God is good, why does he allow so much evil? Also questions about sexuality.


He also noted that the youth, like in America, are leaving the faith when they grow up. Unlike American youth, who just walk away from the church, here they still go thru the motions because the culture expects it but Mon thru Saturday, there is no connection between what they do on Sunday and live the rest of the week.


He is in his late 20s and isn’t positive what God has in store for him. He is just waiting on God to direct him.


Pastor Patrick Njau has a passion for the youth. He is the one taking me around, setting up opportunities for me. Now Sebastian and Obed. It seems like there should be something they can do to work together to have a greater impact on the younger generation here.


The off day is almost over and me weekend, beginning Friday morning, will end the trip with another whirlwind. I begin giving a talk at 10AM on “The Bible’s Authority on Apologetics.” Then I will be taken by Patrick to Mishkan Bible College where I will meet with administrators before conducting a 2.5 hour apologetics workshop. I hope to have enough time to cover three topics. Worldview, God’s Story, and the LGBTQ challenge.


On Saturday I will go back to Patrick’s church where I was in January to do a follow up seminar which will include “how to have a discussion with skeptics, doubters, or unbelievers” and the LGBTQ challenge.


On Sunday, I will preach at a church where I was in January. My sermon will be “Why Does God Allow Suffering?” followed by the same follow up seminar that I will be doing on Saturday.


It will be another whirlwind weekend then on Monday night I’ll be heading home.


Pray for continued strength for me. Pray that the Spirit will fill my mouth with the words that will communicate these principles with understanding and impact. Pray for good sleep. I didn’t get much last night.


Check out the photo album with a few new pictures including the Sebastian’s flyers and the flyer for the event that I will be speaking at Friday morning.




By His grace,