I Stand Amazed

Dear ITEM Partner,

Depending on your age, you probably remember the hymn “I Stand Amazed.” The focus of the hymn is how we are amazed that Jesus could love such unclean sinners like us. But there are many more things that He is and does that amazes us. I have just finished an appointment that, once again, points to God’s way of putting people together in amazing ways. And as a result, another door flew wide open for working with pastors and universities here in Rwanda to equip pastors, professors, and students in the area of  “apologetics) (i.e. being prepared to give good, biblical, rational, logical answers to the questions the emerging in Africa is asking, and pushing back against the developing criticisms of religion and specifically, Christianity.



I’ve mentioned in reports and newsletters that ITEM is partnering with Apologetics on Mission (based in Oregon). Norman Paul Desire (Paul D Norman, in the west, probably) is an Evangelist and President of Christ For the Nations Ministries. His focus is on leadership development in churches. He found AoM online, got in contact with them and they asked me to meet Paul I was here (AMAZINGLY), which I did.

As it turns out, Paul has contacts all over the country. These contacts are with pastors and universities. As I told him what I would be doing August 1, 2 back here in Rwanda, he showed interest. What came out of it was the plan for me to return in January. Between now and then we will be setting up an agenda that will include pastors, university reps, and students. He has media contacts we will be planning to take advantage of. And he has a young man who is willing and more than able to convert our media to the local language.

This seems to be a HUGE open door for future ministry and impact as we target the emerging generation in Africa, hopefully preparing many for the highly secular influences coming from the West.


I had one other meeting. That was tonight around the dinner hour. Emmanuel Nshimiyimana (just call him Emmy) who is the one who is setting up the big opportunity at a university August 1, 2. We had never personally met. He is a dedicated young man who has a certificate in apologetics with Apologetics on Mission, that I’ve mentioned. He has a burden for his own generation for all the same reasons we do. I’ll have more to add when we get closer to the Aug 1-2 seminar.

Now it is time for sleep. I have not slept well at all the last two nights. I am talking about less than 5 hours per night, for different reasons. I need to be on a shuttle to the airport at 5:15am. It is almost 10pm.

I’ve put pictures of Paul and Emmy in the picture album.


OH, there is one more MAJOR issue. My Thursday flight from Abuja, Nigeria to Lagos, Nigeria has been cancelled, I believe. For reasons I won’t try to get into, I don’t know for sure. When I get to Abuja tomorrow, I will need to see what’s up. There are other flights but their website shows only a few empty seats. I have meetings Friday so flying on Thursday is critical.



….for me ability to get some sleep.

….for safe flights.

….for my time Wednesday with Nok’s family as they grieve his passing.

….for the final preparations of the discussions Friday and seminar Saturday in Lagos.





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By His grace,