Start of a New Trip

Dear ITEM Friends,

I am leaving Saturday, April 29, for Kenya, the Dem Rep of the Congo, and Madagascar. I will be involved in seven apologetics events. Not only will I be covering some basic apologetics issues like worldview and God’s Story from Genesis to Revelation but I have been asked to speak to the LGBTQ issues that are starting to pop up throughout Africa. This feels like more than just a chance to speak to the issues. It feels like more of a God-given charge. This issue is in our news almost daily, one way or another. I’ve been reading book and listening to podcasts and feel like I have a lot to share. My approach will be to make a clear, biblical presentation of God’s design from the beginning when he created man and woman, and told them to be fruitful and multiply. I will be emphasizing God’s plan of “one man, one woman, one flesh for life.” And then I want to help them see how to teach this to those in their churches. I feel motivated and driven to drive this point home to hopefully prepare them for what is probably going to be coming their way soon.


Pray that God will grant me wisdom about what to say and what to leave out. Thanks. Here is a link to the photo album I set up for this trip.

By His grace,

Steve Van Horn

ITEM Founder/President

Link for photos