Be Quick to Hear

Dear Family and Friends,


I am back in the capital city of Kigali. For the past two days I’ve been on the campus of the University of Rwanda meeting with young Christian leaders of various Christian groups in the area. It was a very rewarding time and seemed to set the stage and chart the course for the future.



So, the trip is essentially over and a part of me is sad about that. My next trip will not be until January and I feel like we are gaining traction in this youth-apologetics ministry. I finished today with two additional sessions and another extended Q&A with a room filled with Christian student leaders who work with various youth associations in the area. The first was actually one that gives evidence for the person and work of Jesus, the reliability of the Bible, and why Christianity is the true religion over all others. But I put in other information on how to have good conversations, which is what the younger generation prefers over lectures. The second lecture was on the LGBTQ challenge, how we got here (actually centuries of philosophy, psychology, even poetry, and now science and postmodernism). It was very well received and the comments from one of the leaders among this room of leaders shared some more specific comments that were especially meaningful.



When most everyone had left and I was waiting on our trip planner, Emmy, to finish some of his post seminar tasks, the other prominent leader in the group sat down with me and told me that the group was very grateful for the presentations and want to see these meetings continue and expand. Then he said, “For me, I have never heard anyone explain God’s plan and design for marriage that started with the creation of Adam and Eve. And the second thing that I learned is that I do not do a good job of listening to the others I am talking with about Christ and Christianity. While I am listening I am also evaluating what the person is saying and thinking of responses. I now realize I am not listening well, as you talked about.”


So, his comments were on a more specific level, which I appreciated.



I have a lot more I can share. But our late departure from the campus town of Huye and bumper to bumper traffic on the one-lane road back to Kigali had eaten up my day. So, I am going to stop here. Oh, one more thing. I have never felt more at home than I have felt these last two days. God seems to be confirming that this is where he wants me to be doing at this point in time and realizing that I am in the home stretch of my ministry, I suspect this is what I will do until I have to let go. More tomorrow when I get back to Nairobi, Kenya. Part of tomorrow’s report will deal with some of the questions, the ones I can remember.


I’ll put a few more pictures in the album. CLICK HERE to see them.


By His grace,



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