Short and Sweet

Dear Praying Friends,

It is past midnight Friday, therefore Sat morning. The really tonight met and exceeded expectations. Emmy, the event coordinator, said he hadn’t seen a crowd this big for one of these events.

I am not going to say much more now. It was a very good 8:30ight. BUT a late night. We arrived slightly after 8:30. These youthful, energetic students sang and danced for close to 90 minutes. You can do the math. I got up to speak and it was past 10pm. I finished at 11. Took two questions. They closed. It is now almost 12:30. But I’ve got to believe it added to what we are desiring, by God’s grace, to accomplish here.

Time for bed. More tomorrow. I’m supposed to be ready to go around 7:45am. Yikes. GOOD NIGHT.

By His grace,


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