Central Africa


U.S. Associate: Pastor Daniel Packer
Country Coordinator: Pastor Dominique Rwamfizi
Number of Team Members: 5
ITEM’s Involvement Since: 2010
# Pastors have attended ITEM Training: Growing
# of untrained pastors remaining:

Positioned just south of the equator, Rwanda is one of the smallest countries on the African mainland. Known for its coffee and tea, it is an elevated country full of mountains in the west, savanna in the east, and numerous lakes throughout. The population of 11.5 million is young (almost half the population is under 18), largely rural, and speaks a mix of Kinyarwanda, English, French, and Swahili.

After the horrific Tutsi genocide of 1994, there has been a commitment to progress and growth, with the church at the forefront of regional peace and ethnic reconciliation efforts. Over 90% of Rwandans identify as Christian, and the evangelical church is growing quickly here. That said, although Traditional African religions are officially followed by a very small percentage of people, they retain a significant influence in the lives and beliefs of many people. (For example, many Rwandans believe the God of the Bible is synonymous with the traditional Rwandan God Imana.)

ITEM’s Rwandan team is mature, active in local church ministry, and passionate about ITEM’s distinctives and impact. They have started mentoring and are begging to do more seminars. Additional trainers and funding are needed to enable this team to reach more pastors and strengthen churches across Rwanda.

Pray for Rwanda:

  • Pray that the spirits of enmity and vengeance that have plagued this country and these peoples for so long will be bound by the power of Christ.
  • Pray for all peace-building work of groups such as the National Council of Churches, of World Vision and World Relief, Tearfund, African Enterprise, the Alpha Course and many others.
  • Pray for local churches to be beacons of truth, love, and hope.
  • Praise God for the depth, quality and maturity of ITEM’s indigenous trainers, and their eagerness to reach and train pastors throughout the country.
  • Pray that this team would prioritize the hard work of long-term mentoring over the short-term work of training.
  • Please pray for wisdom and guidance for Dan Packer (U.S. Associate) as he supports the team’s work in this country.

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