Sunday, January 27, 2019

Dear ITEM Partner,

I got into Nairobi shortly after 5am after a red-eye flight from Accra, Ghana. It was bumpy (turbulent) throughout the flight. I tried to nap but it was harder than normal. I got to Nairobi, then Mayfield Guest House (my oasis/refuge) in Africa. After breakfast I took a nap.


The highlight of the day was a 25 minute walk to YaYa Center, the first shopping center I visited when I first came to Kenya in 1998. For the record, my adapter plug that converts a US plug to a Kenyan plug overheated and burned up in Ghana for some reason so I needed to find another.


I was stunned by how many high rise buildings had been built on and near the road leading to YaYa. I’ve not walked that road or years. What a change. YaYa itself underwent a major face life a number of years ago. How many of you remember Woolworth’s Department Store? Raise your hand. YaYa has a Woolworth’s. It is THE major department store in Yaya. There is also a Pizza Hut. Along the walk I saw a Subway and Burger King. This was another of those times I wished I had taken my camera. I also saw a huge sign board along the road advertising some miracle service and some prophet was going to speak. I am sure someone really “propheted” from what took place.


I brought along a T-shirt that I have not worn for years. It was given to me because I am a UCLA sports fan. It is a UCLA t-shirt with a political party also mentioned.

One time I wore this in the past (years ago) someone asked me if I was involved in the local ‘xyz’ political party. I wasn’t and am not. I decided at some point to stop wearing it.

In the past few years, I’ve made the decision to stop talking politics and/or mentioning politics in public. Why? It usually leads to arguments, no one wins, no minds are changed, and a barrier for sharing the gospel is established. As I’ve said before, if I am going to reject me, I want you to reject me for the gospel, not for the political party I am a member.

I brought the shirt to give away here in Africa and I wore it today. At breakfast, someone immediately saw the political reference on my UCLA shirt and commented. He was here from the US.

Jus t some food for thought: if you are in the habit of bantering or arguing politics, consider stopping. No one wins. No minds are changed. It could distract from the real issues of life like their need of a Savior and getting ready for the coming Kingdom of God, which Jesus said is not of this world.


  • MONDAY: Dinner time flight to Kigali, Rwanda.
  • TUESDAY: Meet with leadership from Rwanda and Burundi. NOTE: The coordinator in Rwanda has stepped down. He is in the States being tested for prostate cancer. Pray for him. Mezack Nkundabantu. We will be installing the new coordinator.
  • TUESDAY EVE: I fly back to Nairobi to spend the night.
  • WEDNESDAY MORNING: Fly an hour to Kisumu, Kenya, jump in a car, drive 3 hrs to the border town, Busia.
  • THURSDAY: Meet with teams from Kenya and Uganda.
  • FRIDAY: Drive 3-4 hours to capital of Uganda, Kampala, with Uganda Coord, Hillary Wafula.
  • SATURDAY: Drive to meet up with Shannon Hurley, a missionary from John MacArthur’s church to discuss possible partnership.
  • SUNDAY: After church and lunch, drive back to Kampala.
  • MONDAY: Head for home-Entebbe, Uganda airport, to Nairobi, to Amsterdam, to Portland.  

This is an aggressive schedule


Pray for safe travels with so much time spent in cars. For adequate sleep. And health.

Pray for Mezack, that he does not have prostate cancer.

SPECIAL PRAYER for my wife, Brenda. She went to California before I left on this trip to be with family, to visit a dying brother, who passed a week ago. She came down with the flu. It was bad. She can’t kick it. She now has shingles. And I want her to see a doctor about possible bronchitis. I am so thankful that we have a phone app that allows us to talk free when we both have wifi connections.

Thanks for praying.

By His grace,


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