Preparting the Next Generation

Hello Everyone,


This has been a stress-less, on-time day. I will take all of those that I can! My 1pm flight out of Nairobi to Kigali, Rwanda was on time. The hotel where I am staying picked me up at the Kigali airport and brought me here (the Five to Five Hotel). The most exciting part of the day was a massive thunderstorm that came through the area shortly after I checked into my room.



I am expecting to meet Paul Norman Desire, the one organizing the event that will happen Wednesday, tonight. Tomorrow is a meeting day. I’ll have lunch with Nathan Chiroma, my longtime African/Nigerian partner and friend, then Emmy, who has made arrangements for the events next weekend at the U of Rwanda, and Dominique Rwamfizi, the ITEM country coordinator.

Wednesday is the seminar here in Kigali. I’ll have more to say about that after meeting with Paul tonight.



I have heard from Paul. He was not able to stop by but he sent a text. Tomorrow, Tuesday, he has set us up with appointments “on visual radio broadcast in the afternoon and on Christian Radio at 7 in the evening (his words).” The afternoon appointment is at 2. Those appointments will be at 4am PST and 9am PST Tuesday.



As I continue to piece together ITEM’s new Next Gen Ministry, I’ve latched onto a tagline that fits the ministry perfectly. ITEM’s slogan/motto is “Transforming Churches One Pastor at a Time. The new Next Gen slogan/motto is, “Preparing the Next Generation of Leaders for the Church in Africa.”

That is all for today. I’ve added a few pictures. CLICK HERE for photo album.


And please pray for the two media appointments. That we will be able to draw attention to the truth of Christianity and the need for Christians to be able to defend their faith.


Pray also, please, for the seminar Wednesday. I think it is a strategically selected audience and could lead to bigger things.


Thanks for your interest.


By His grace,