Pre-Travel Diary: Chris and I will be on separate trips to Africa

Dear ITEM Partner,

On Sunday, April 24, Chris McMillan and I will be setting out on separate trips to Africa. Chris will be in Malawi conducting a second (ITEM Conference on Ministry and Preaching) and in Zambia conducting an initial seminar (Institute in the Foundations of Church Leadership). Chris will be accompanied by Pastor Jayson Derowitsch, from Eastern Oregon. It will be Jayson’s first trip with ITEM.

My first stop will be Nairobi, Kenya to drop off another load of books from my library that I am donating to International Leadership University where I got my start in Africa (formerly the Nairobi International School of Theology) in 1998. My second stop will be Tanzania to meet with our team there, drop off some equipment for their use, and look to the future.

The third stop will be Uganda where I will be participating in two apologetics events. The first event will be an apologetics summit where ITEM will be one of seven or eight groups that will meet to discuss ways to work together to build an apologetics network in East Africa. The second event is an apologetics conference. This will be my first chance to test what I’ve been preparing for, for the past 5-6 years. I will be a part of a team from the US. The other two have apologetics degrees. Me? I’ve been reading books, listening to podcasts, and watching videos. I will be lecturing twice, once on the subject “Worldview Matters,” and “Where Do We Find Meaning for Life?” I will also be a part of a panel answering questions from college and high school students.

My fourth stop will be Nigeria. I’ve been asked to preach in our coordinators church, meet with our team, and conduct a one day preaching seminar. This is an aggressive schedule. Nineteen days total from take off to touch down in Portland, May 12. Pray for health and strength. And that does for Chris and Jayson as well.

As always, I hope to be giving regular updates, sending back pictures, and sharing prayer requests. Chris will be reporting along the way as well.

By His grace,



2 thoughts on “Pre-Travel Diary: Chris and I will be on separate trips to Africa”

  1. I thank God for your long missionary trip to Africa I know it is going to be a journey which is going to spread the word of God the Lord will take care of everything and is everready to provide the necessary things for your trip
    As you start from Portland to Africa He is ready to start with you and He will lead you your welcome to Africa

  2. A trip like this is worth praying for.
    The Lord to give you an open door.
    For truth to be heard
    Straight from our God’s Word,
    And many to get what you’re hoping for.

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