Prayers & Prep

Dear Prayer Partners,


Today was a day to get some things done. There was no ministry on the schedule. So, I fine tuned that presentation I gave yesterday that was WAY too long. I cut it by 20%. Not bad, huh? I also went over the presentations that I will give tomorrow. And I read a chapter out of the book I brought with me: The Deconstruction of Christianity (Alisa Childers, Tim Barnett), that addresses that huge deconstruction movement taking place among so many of our younger generation. Also know as Exvangelicals. The statistics are alarming.


Here is a preview of tomorrow. Tomorrow, Wednesday, I will be speaking to a group of pastors. I will be introducing them to “apologetics,” trying to help them see how critical it is to the ministry of any church. People need to know more than just “what” Christianity teaches. They need to know “why” they should believe it is true.


I will have at least three sessions with them. Session 1 on an Intro to Apologetics. Session 2 on The Bible’s Authority in Apologetics. Session 3 (an example), Why We Should Believe Christianity it True.


Pray for me as I speak that I will be clear and think of appropriate illustrations. Pray that they will be eager to hear and learn, and not be resistant to the concept, which some pastor anywhere can at times be. Pray for open doors for more ministry here locally in the future.


It is midnight here so that is it for Tuesday.



Thanks for praying.


By His grace,



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