More Open Doors

Dear ITEM Next Gen Partners, 


Today was another day where God was opening what appear to be some BIG doors! 


Last year, men from Apologetics on Mission (Oregon City, Oregon) introduced me to a group of medical students at a university in Ishaka, Uganda. These students had received certificates in apologetics from AoM. This group has gone on to form their own apologetics ministry here, Apologetics Uganda (AU). When I put Kampala, Uganda on my schedule, I reached out, making myself available to them and today was the result.  


We planned two presentations. The first was for the leadership of AU. They were asking for some practical training helping them to see how to apply what they had learned in the apologetics certificate program in their day to day evanglelism efforts. So, I took them through my presentation that I entitle, “Using Questions to Answer Questions.” It was very well received and we immediately began to brainstorm on when and how we could take this training to other groups in Uganda that they are linked to. 


After lunch, we were hoping to fill the room with students from Kampala International University that has a campus nearby. Unfortunately, the university set this week aside for exams so only a couple of more came in for the second presentation. In that session, I covered a new talk (this was the first time) on “Making Evangelism Slightly More Easy.” It explains how understanding the other person’s worldview helps get us started and then explains how to make them (hopefully) feel uncomfortable with their worldview that will eventually (hopefully) lead them to consider Jesus as who they really are looking for. 


Editorial note: This was my first time giving this presentation and there was WAY TOO MUCH information. So, before I give it the next time (next week) I will need to cut out A LOT. Now back to the report. 


We have scheduled a time for Thursday when they will video record an interview with me, answering questions about the Biblical Christian Worldview.  


Our Next Gen Ministry vision statement is: Preparing the next generation of leaders for the church in Africa. 


One of the young ladies who attended the second hour said to me after we finished, “Thank you for helping us become strong leaders for this generation.” That is a paraphrase but catches the idea of what she thanked me for.  


I am incredibly blessed beyond measure that at this stage of my life and ministry God is helping me remain relevant and is continuing to use me, especially with this younger generation. I’ve never felt more useful in 50+ years of ministry. 


“Now to Him who is able to do above and beyond all that we ask or think—according to the power that works in you— to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.” (Eph 3:20, 21) 


Tuesday is an off day but I will be preparing for the video interview and possibly editing the very long presentation I gave the second hour today. 


Pray for the upcoming events: Wednesday with a room of pastors. Thursday with a room of students. Friday with members of the general community. Pray that I will be clear, practical, and understandable, and that the audiences will be attentive and able to comprehend what is being presented.  


Thank you in advance for your prayers. 


By His grace, 



ITEM Next Gen Ministry