Dear ITEM Partner,

I am now in the Nairobi airport lounge waiting for my flight to Amsterdam that leaves at 11:50pm (1:50pm PDT). I hope to land in Portland about 11:25am Tuesday.

This is more of an addendum to my time in Mombasa. Mombasa is a tourist town, although I didn’t really see the touristy stuff when I was just there. And it has been the target of terrorists at least once and there have been arrests also. So, the city is always on alert.

As we approached the main part of the city on our say to church Sunday there was a police blockade. Standard procedure. They look over the car, ask a couple of questions and you are on your way. When we got to church I noted that the parking lot was gated with security and before they let you into the parking lot, they looked under the car with mirrors on wheels to be sure there wasn’t an explosive strapped to the bottom. Then they look inside the car and when they don’t see anything or suspect anything, they let you in. This is now the world we live in. It is the same way at the churches Nigeria.

It poured rain all night and up until noon today. But when I had to get moving, the steady downpour had turned into a light drizzle. Having left my jacket in Liberia, that was a good thing. Here in Nairobi it was pleasant; cool but not cold. Felt refreshing, actually.

I put a few more pictures into the album to finish off the trip. Some were left over from yesterday and some were taken this morning.


Thanks again for coming along and support us with your prayers.

By His grace,


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