Looking at Mombasa in August

Dear Friends and Family,


A very short update today. I arrived in Nairobi, Kenya on time at just before 10pm Thursday, East Africa Time, noon PDT. The last time here, the two boxes of books from my personal library that I am donating to the university here were confiscated by customs and the school had to pay $120 to clear them. This time I had a letter from the Vice Chancellor explaining who I was and the purpose of the books and they waved me through. There was no customs charged. I got to the guest house and to bed about 12:30am here Friday.

Today, Friday, was mostly a rest day. I had two appointments. One was with Pastor Patrick Njau, who has set up a few meetings in the past for me. The second was with Steven Mzungu, who has been doing ITEM training on the south east coast of Kenya for years. He and I discussed the possibility of doing apologetics seminars there. There is a strong Muslim influence in that area and some training on the truthfulness of Christianity’s truth claims, and a response to the questions Muslims pose to Christians are in order there.

The meeting with Patrick was centered on the group we had been trying to train in the area of apologetics. They had attended two days of training with me but have not applied any of it. So, I put together a world view survey and asked them to interview five people each before we met this time. There was little to no response so we did not meet with them.

I suggested to him that I have been thinking about this and concluding that apologetics is more of a need in the urban areas where the universities are, which is where you find critical thinkers, and where the questions about Christianity are being asked. He agreed. So, this exchange will lead us as we look to the future.

Saturday is another rest day. I have an article to write and some planning to do.

Sunday I fly a short distance to Kampala, Uganda and will be speaking to five groups in five days.

Pray for clear communication of some challenging concepts and for the receptivity and understanding of each group.


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Thanks for reading and praying.


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By His grace,