Dear ITEM Partner,


This Friday I leave for an 18 day trip to Africa. The first stop will be South Africa. I have been invited to participate in the Men’s African Conference sponsored by The Master’s Academy International and Grace Ministries International. Both are extensions of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley California. That conference is July 11 – 14. On the 14th I fly back to Nairobi, Kenya.

Then on July 15, I fly to Antananarivo, Madagascar for ITEM’s Bible and theology seminar for pastors. The newly formed ITEM team will be participating in a seminar for the first time. The seminar is the 17th-20th. On the 21st I travel back to Nairobi.

On Sunday the 22nd I fly to Mwanza, Tanzania to meet with the ITEM team. We’ll be meeting on the 23rd and discussing our strategy moving forward, since their training is complete.

On the 24th I’ll head for home: Mwanza back to Nairobi on to Amsterdam then to Portland. Lord willing, I’ll be home on July 25.

Once again I’ll be utilizing this blog location for the full reports.

And there will be a link to the picture album. Right now there are maps of the trip posted. Here is the link to the PICTURE ALBUM

Please be praying for strategic conversations in South Africa. I am praying we can form a partnership, connecting their high quality formal training with our high quality non-formal training.

Pray for a Spirit led seminar in Madagascar. This will be the newly formed team’s first exposure to an entire ITEM seminar. Pray it “connects” with them.

Pray for my time with the ITEM team in Tanzania. We need to work out details of their ministry moving forward now that they have completed their training to be trainers.


By His grace,


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