Hi Everyone,

At this point of my life and ministry, there is nothing more invigorating to me than standing in the front of a room filled with mostly college age students, speaking on the topic, “What It Means to Be a Christian Apologist.” That was what I was doing tonight. It’s 11pm here so I’ll be brief and fill in some gaps tomorrow.
The church Ebenezer had me speak at tonight is a short distance from the University of Lagos (Nigeria). The pastor is a relatively young man who is prominent in the Four Square denomination in Nigeria. And his church is attended by a large number of university students. My outline tonight was:
• The Biblical Basis for Christian Apologetics
• The Character of a Christian Apologist
• The Relationship Between Evangelism and Apologetics
• How to Engage in Conversations With Dedicated Tools and Strategies in Mind
• How Apologetics Strengthens Our Faith and the Church
The talk lasted about an hour and was followed by those wanting to give feedback on the evening, followed by several good questions. College students are thinkers. I love that. And their questions are sharp and sometimes challenging.
Two quick takeaways:
• Africans respect age much more than we do in the US. For example, when I mention that I have been married 54 years there is an enthusiastic applause. When the pastor told them I was 76 years old and still going, there was another enthusiastic applause. It’s just different here.
• The pastor was engaged the entire time I was speaking and at the end of the meeting, he told Ebenezer that he’d like to have me back next year for a three day apologetics seminar.
I will leave it at that tonight.
CLICK HERE to see the picture album for some good photos. I am a blessed man with a loving family cheering me on from the west and a fulfilling ministry to the next generation of church leaders taking place here in Africa.
Tomorrow, Saturday, two more events. I will be involved in a short apologetics seminar very close to my hotel. My topic is “The Problem of Evil,” or “If God Exits then Why Does He Allow the Evil in the World to keep going on like it is?” At noon, we will take a 2 hour car ride and I will speak on “Worldview” to a slightly less educated group. That will be it for this trip. I head for home Sunday night.
Thanks for praying.
By His grace,
ITEM Next Gen Ministry