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Dear Friends and Family,

It is rushing towards 11pm here and I am pulling out early Saturday morning, so this will be brief.

I finished up my time in Kampala, Uganda today. What was scheduled was an event for the general public at the host church. I was asked to speak to the issue of syncretism, the blending of Christianity and African traditional religions (ATR), which include witchcraft and ancestor worship, and a general fear of  spirit world. So, I worked a couple of hours today tweaking and combining of a couple of different apologetic presentations.

I began the presentation talking about how culture, tradition (in general), community, and social media influence our worldview, how we see and interpret what we see going on in the world and how we see and understand God. Then I dug deeper into ATR that deeply influence many if not most of the churches, in one way or another.

That led me to talk about spiritual warfare from an ATR then a biblical worldview. And I finished up the presentation answering the question, “If we (Christians) are protected by God from Satan and demons, and if God is all powerful and all love, why do Christians suffer so much?” Then I told God’s Big Story the begins with Creation, the Fall, Redemption, and New Creation, explaining that all evil and suffering entered the world at the “fall” in Gen 3. Then I explained that every person who has been born since Gen 3 will suffer from sin entering creation then.

There were questions asked. I will save those for tomorrow or maybe even Sunday.

Tomorrow, my host family, the Glasscocks, and I will go to breakfast. My long time friend and his wife, Julius and Grace Twongyeirwe, will meet us there and I will spend much of the day with them before they take me to the airport. I have an 8:40pm flight back to Nairobi.

Here again is the link to the pic album.

More tomorrow (or Sunday).

By His grace,


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