West Africa


U.S. Associate: NEEDED
Country Coordinator: Pastor Stephen Okan
Number of Team Members: In Development
ITEM’s Involvement Since: 2018
# Pastors have attended ITEM Training: Growing
# of untrained pastors remaining:

Siting on the Gulf of Guinea just north of the equator, this country of 30 million boasts broad grasslands in the north, tropical rainforests in the south, and is home to Africa’s largest man-made lake, Lake Volta, which spans over 320 miles! The population is young, (30% are under 15 years old!) and multiethnic, with fourteen official and state sponsored languages widely spoken. Although an independent democracy since 1957, the country is struggling to recover from the lingering effects of corruption and government overspending.

Over 72% of Ghanaians identify themselves as Christians, but only 1-in-10 regularly attend church. Like many other countries where ITEM serves, the average Ghanaian believes and practices traditional religion/worldviews alongside some version of Christianity.

Ghana is blessed to have 34 accredited denominational and interdenominational Bible schools as well as a range of training programs run by different denominations and agencies. Still, Operation World notes that mature Christian leaders remain at a premium. Without mature leadership, doctrines become increasingly confused and biblical faith is challenged as churches and Christians multiply. ITEM is working to serve Ghana in regions largely unreached by existing schools and programs.

Pray for Ghana:

  • Pray that a decisive break may be made from all fetishism and occult bondages, and true liberty in Jesus be found. Pray that the true gospel may shine into the hearts of those who call themselves Christian but who have not been born-again.
  • Praise God for the initial enthusiasm that ITEM has encountered from Ghanaian pastors who wish to organize and hold seminars.
  • Pray for the national leadership. There are no qualified trainers yet. Pray the Lord will identify men who base their ministry and preaching solidly in Scripture, who are growing in that commitment, and who will be committed to training others.
  • Pastor Bill Williams has taken an “acting associate” role to help Steven Okan and the other pastors understand ITEM’s distinctives. Pray for his wisdom and insight as he leads and trains these national pastors. Please also pray that the Lord will provide an experienced Associate to come alongside these willing local pastors and help coordinate ITEM’s work in Ghana.

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