Steve’s Travel Diary

Steve’s Travel Diary 1: Something to Think and Pray About

Happy Saturday to you! I landed at the airport last night, Friday, at 10pm and made good time through immigration, customs, and to the guest house. And I slept pretty well.

Today, Saturday, the main event was a meeting with Dr. Kevin Murrithi, (See picture album.) Do an internet search on his name…. he’s everywhere. I know him primarily as the head of Apologetics Kenya. I brought some apologetics books as a gift to his ministry and we talked awhile about doing apologetics in Africa.

All of this was expected but what wasn’t expected was Kevin and I talking about his future

Pre-Travel Diary: Heading Back to Africa.

On Sunday, April 24, Chris McMillan and I will be setting out on separate trips to Africa. Chris will be in Malawi conducting a second seminar (ITEM Conference on Ministry and Preaching) and in Zambia conducting an initial seminar (Institute in the Foundations of Church Leadership). Chris will be accompanied by Pastor Jayson Derowitsch, from Eastern Oregon. It will be Jayson’s first trip with ITEM.
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Travel Diary 15: Impacting the World for Christ in the Next Generation

Dear ITEM Partners, The power went off again this morning, here at the guest house and once again their generator did not kick in. So, I have been sitting in a warming room (without AC), with little to do (no Internet) waiting for it to come back on and/or be picked up to be taken to the airport. I am grateful that the power stayed on all night so the room stayed cool. The coordinator, Nok, was supposed to be here around 10am to finish up with left over financial issues. Now after 12 noon and he’s not shown up. Since I do not have internet there is no way he can let me know what is going on. So, while I wait, I want to briefly reflect on what I saw this morning as I walked across the parking lot to the restaurant.

Travel Diary 13: The Priority of Preaching

Dear Friends and Family, I am starting this report at 9:45am on Monday in Abuja, Nigeria. Why is the time significant? It is because I was told we would start about 9am. Then when I was picked up today at 8:30, I was told we would start about 9:30. Now I am told it will be later because, suddenly, there is no gas at the gas stations and so the public transportation is mostly shut down.

Travel Diary 12: Relationships Matter

Dear ITEM Partner, I am at the end of Sunday and am nearing the end of this trip. Once I get to within a week of returning home, things seem to pick up speed. I think another factor is that I am in my last location. All of the traveling from one country to another is done. Next stop, HOME! Church was enjoyable and I felt like God was honored and the church was encouraged.

Travel Diary 10: Evil and Suffering

After a long day of riding in a van from Ishaka (west Uganda) to Entebbe, where we were last weekend, Banana Village. The time in Ishaka was filled “wall to wall” mostly leaving little time to reflect and report. Today I would like to finish what I wanted to share yesterday, reflect on the apologetics road ahead while offering an answer to the most asked question about God and Christianity, and look to my next stop, Nigeria.

Travel Diary 8 & 9: Common and New Apologetic Themes

We are actually in the middle of the second day of the Apologetics Conference in Ishaka, Uganda at Ishaka Community Church. I am taking a break from one of the lectures so I can get this started and I hope to finish later tonight. It has been a full, information packed day. Some of the information was common apologetics themes but one in particular was cutting edge and definitely futuristic.