Steve’s Travel Diary

Travel Diary 5: More about Reflection than Activity

Sunday was more about reflection than activity. The event of the day was the church service at (ITEM Coordinator) Prince’s church. It is hard and at times unfair for a westerner to give an opinion of a “worship” service.
One of my doctoral classes 25+ years ago was “The Leader as Worshiper.” It was one of the more meaningful and helpful classes I had. The professor, a worship leader with a PhD in church music/worship, defined “all that we are responding to all that God is.” We are “eyes,” “nose,” “feet,” “hands,” “ears,” etc. So, in worship there is a place for kneeling (the body worshiping), singing (the tongue), listening (the ears), seeing (such as stained glass), and smelling (even incense). All can be a part of worship.
What we experienced didn’t all seem to be worship. That was our opinion.

Travel Diary 4: Be An Example First

Henry and I spent today, Friday, with the ITEM-Liberia team. I think this is only my second time here and Henry’s first. ITEM Associate, Dan Packer, has been our point man. Dan has done the bulk of the raising up of our team here.
Our first coordinator, Michael Allen, died in March 2020 due to an infection of some kind. His mentee/disciple, Prince Guankeh, took over. The planning and energy to move forward has been quite aggressive (in a good way) but I’ve held them back some, wanting to get here myself and get reacquainted with the team and be reassured that they understand the mission of ITEM. I was pleased with what I saw and heard.

Travel Diary 2: Greetings from Liberia

Greetings from Liberia. It seems like only 36 hours ago I was getting out of bed at the Red Lion near the Portland airport. And it was! It’s been a mostly (I said mostly) uneventful trip. There were a couple of frustrating, patience stretching moments but they are no in the rearview mirror. Click here to get a few more details, a preview of our time in Liberia, and a link to a few new pictures.

Travel Diary: Returning To Africa

Next Wednesday I will be returning to Africa. I will have two stops and doing a variety of things. I will be meeting with our team in Liberia, doing a seminar in Nairobi, and speaking at an apologetics seminar in Nairobi as well. These are great opportunities but there are going to be “Covid-test” challenges.