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Travel Diary 3: 1+1=4

Henry and I have been in Liberia for about 27 hours and it feels like it’s been 27 days. There has been endless issues but I think the most grueling part of the time in Liberia is over. In the past 27 hours, I experienced “new math” and concluded 1+1-4.

Travel Diary 2: Greetings from Liberia

Greetings from Liberia. It seems like only 36 hours ago I was getting out of bed at the Red Lion near the Portland airport. And it was! It’s been a mostly (I said mostly) uneventful trip. There were a couple of frustrating, patience stretching moments but they are no in the rearview mirror. Click here to get a few more details, a preview of our time in Liberia, and a link to a few new pictures.


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