Purpose: The purpose of the I-COMP is to provide pastors with a biblical description of a healthy, vibrant church as described in Ephesians 4:11-14 and to lead the pastor to see that his role in this kind of church is as the equipper of the saints and the teacher of the Word (i.e. an expository preacher).

Content: Lectures include a description of an Ephesians 4 church, how the church is built up, principles of New Testament edification, evangelism, and leadership. Topics also covered deal with the members of the church and their role in the ministry of the church.

Conviction: It is our conviction that the Bible is the final authority and the sufficient source for instructing pastors and Church leaders. Therefore we hold fast to the principle of Sola Scriptura. At the I-COMP the Bible never closes and we do not pick verses randomly to support our points; we open the Bible and study complete passages.

The following provides the content, lecture by lecture, for all of our current seminars. The notes may be viewed online or downloaded.

May the Lord use these to His glory.

By His grace,

Steve Van Horn Founder/President