A Disjointed Yet Blessed Ending

Hi Everyone,

Last night, Friday, has to be one of the highlights of my 25 plus years of ministry in Africa. To think that this many college students would show up on a Friday night and sit on cement benches for almost three hours to sing, pray, dance, then listen to me speak on “Reasons to Believe that Christianity Is True.”

I told Emmy, the coordinator, I saw this as a test for me. Is “this” what God has for me? It is what “Steve” has for me but what about God? It felt natural to me and from what Emmy told me, it went well and was well received. And I guess maybe the fact that many came to the seminar today after a late night last night. So, I guess it is fair today, what I had to say didn’t drive them away.

I hope you look at the pictures and videos to get taste of what I tasted last night. I was a blessed, super blessed man.

I wish I had written down all of the questions. I was pleased with the number that were asked. And I thank the Lord that I was able to answer them confidently. But I have noticed that this is an apologetics seminar (“being ready to give a reason/make a defense” for our faith) and most of the questions being asked are theological. And one two that were asked last night and again today were “can a person be saved, then sin and lose their salvation?” and “can a person become a Christian and keep living anyway they want to live?”

And they seemed to be grateful that my desire was to help them prepare for their leadership roles in the years to come.

Today was a little crazy. We were supposed to be there at 8 to start with a “welcome.” Then the day was to contain feeding them “tea” spelled “breakfast,” then a series of seminars (four total), lunch, and Q&A times.

Well, things were set up late. We started late. When we arrived sometime closer to 9, they were serving breakfast. After that, we started the seminar. My first lecture was on an Intro to Apologetics. That was followed by a very good Q&A time. It was now just past noon.

When that was over, the leadership huddled at the front. And moments later, the equipment was being unplugged and taken out the door. No one told me anything, at this point. And then the seminar leadership, including Emmy, disappeared. Remember the time…. Just past 12, noon.

Well, I sat, and sat, and was reminded of my “go to, personal proverb.” “What is, IS. I CANNOT change what IS. God is in control of what IS. So, let God be God.”

About 3 hours later Emmy returned to let me know we were switching rooms to one across campus. So, once everyone arrived, lunch showed up also. It was now after 3. Keep in mind, I had given only one of my four scheduled talks.

When everyone was finished with lunch it was past 4pm. And we were scheduled to finish at 6pm. There was no way I was going to get three talks in along with a Q&A session by 6.

So, we decided to just do two lectures and a Q&A. My second lecture was on Worldviews and the third was on “Answering Questions with Questions.” I didn’t finish either. I finished at 6. We took a couple of questions and closed.

One of the questions was from Matt 11:12 where it says the kingdom was being taken by violent men. He asked it that contradicted my statement that salvation being by grace. I looked at the context and thought for a moment, only a moment  and confessed that it was difficult and I didn’t have a good answer. Then I shared a Bible interpretation rule: Show preference to easier interpreted passages over more difficult one and Eph 2:8 makes it clear, we are saved by grace. So, don’t make Matt 11:12 be the primary verse on now we are saved. Let Eph 2:8-9. Then I concluded by saying, “I am not sure what it is saying but I am certain what it doesN’T say.

I will leave it at that. I can barely keep my eyes open. It is now past 11pm and I haven’t finished packing nor am I ready for bed.

I am so blessed to be here and blessed by your prayers and financial support

Next stops: Sunday I fly back to Nairobi. Monday is resting day. Tuesday I fly to Zimbabwe for a meeting on Tuesday eve and a seminar Wed and Thursday.


  • For safe travels

  • Continued good health

  • Final preps going on in Zimbabwe where the activities begin Tuesday night and continue through early afternoon Thursday.

By His grace,


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