A Bump In The Road

Dear Prayer Partners,


This was a travel day from Madagascar back to Nairobi, Kenya. Things were going very smoothly and stress free. I wasn’t going to send any report. The stress free part went all day but the smoothly part encountered a bump in the road and I couldn’t resist the temptation to tell you about it.


We left the hotel in Antananarivo at 12:30. We arrived at the airport at 1:20. Check in was smooth. We coasted through immigration and cruised on to the gate. But prior to reaching the gate area we had to clear security bag-screening. You know the rourine.


Jerry went right through. I went right through and was repacking things I had to take out of my bag, or so I thought. I looked back and my roller back was “over there” on the other side of the metal detector all passengers need to pass through. I had to leave all of my stuff on the cleared side and go back and take all electronics out of my carry on roller bag. No other airport had me do that. There was a camera, a phone, and a small video projector. I took them out, put them in the tray, sent the bag and tray on their way and passed through the medal detector again; the same one I passed through 5 minutes earlier with everyone watching. This time it beeped. I had my watch on so I had to put it in one of those trays and try again. It beeped. I suggested it must be my belt and with a certain amount of dramatic expression yanked it from its belt loop and offered to throw it to the security, checker person on the other side of the metal detector I had to pass through…. The same one I passed through 5 minutes earlier with everyone watching. I passed through and it beeped. They security person had me stand “over there,” spread out my arms and he patted me down, front, back, shoulders, and legs. Then the lady brought over the magic medal detector wand and passed over my body. Well, it beeped when it passed over my zipper. Finally, they let me go. The lady who assisted me with my stuff after I had passed through the first time was “over there” smiling. I smiled back and Jerry and I finished cruising to the lounge, which I have privileges for due to my frequent flying.


All for today. There are a few new pictures of scenes on our way to the airport.

CLICK HERE to see the new pics.


Tomorrow, Thursday, I am taking off. I will review my talks that I will be giving this weekend and rest.


Jerry is on his way home from Nairobi tonight. I will be on the same flight next Monday, Lord willing.


More tomorrow.


By His grace,



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By His grace,