Women's Ministry

The International Training and Equipping Ministry (ITEM) Women's Ministry began in 2009 to help meet the spiritual needs of African women through a Biblically-based curriculum. Teaching material specific to women is lacking in Africa, so we have written each lesson so that the women in Africa are equipped to take the lessons and teach other women

Our African sisters need to know that they are valued by God. They need to know God's standards, his purpose, and his plan for each woman's life. They also need to know the difference between what God says is true and what they are told is true through traditional beliefs and deceptive preachers.

Why Women?

How it all started!

Dr. Steve Van Horn, founder of International Training & Equipping Ministries (ITEM), has been traveling to Africa to teach pastors since 1998. On one occasion, the wife of the African-seminar coordinator said to him, "The men are getting all this great training, but what about the women?" That simple sentence was the start of people praying for a women's ministry. In January 2009 the ITEM Women's Ministry was officially launched as several women met to discuss and plan the curriculum to be written. Then in August 2009, four women joined Dr. Van Horn's teaching team to teach African men and women in two African countries. At the conclusion of each of the women's seminar, we asked our interpreters if the African women were learning what was needed. They had the following to say:

When we returned from the trip, we received the following email:

"We appreciate all of your efforts as you try uplifting women with the knowledge God has given to you. We therefore cherish the Christian spiritual relationship and know that we women are very special. Due to this, I have realized that we are often taken for granted and its a high time that your mission trip to Uganda was a turning point for us." (Martha Busia, Uganda)

Knowing we are doing as God has asked, and receiving affirmation from the African women's ministry leaders, has made the ITEM women's ministry team even more determined and eager to share God's word.

The Model

The ITEM Women's Ministry has shifted to a model of ministry where we help support approved teams of two or three women in Africa who have a desire to correctly teach the Word of God. Qualifications for the women's teams include:
  • The God-given heart and desire to teach
  • At least one woman on the team must be a graduate from high school and/or college
  • At least one women on the team or the pastor must be able to read and write English to translate the ITEM women's curriculum into the local language, and stay in contact with the ITEM Women's Ministry Coordinator
  • Approval of the local Biblically-trained pastor
  • Approval of the ITEM coordinator for that country/area
  • The ability to work hard to earn the money needed to fund the ministry plan
The women's ministry will be overseen by the local pastor, and a business and
ministry plan will be submitted to ITEM Women's Ministry Coordinator for approval. The ministry plan must include:
  • What the team would like to do
  • Who the people are the ministry plan will impact
  • The material they will be using to teach, including the ITEM Women's Curriculum
  • The commitment to read through the Bible in one year
  • The commitment to submit monthly email updates to ITEMWM
The business plan must include::
  • The type of business they would like to start to fund the ministry
  • What they will do to start the business
  • A written/signed agreement that the profits from the business will be used in the following manner: the first 10% given in tithe to the local church, 10% invested back into the business to help it grow, 10% paid to each of the teachers working the business, and the remainder used to support the ministry plan


Session 1 What is Salvation?/Am I Saved?

Session 2 Elements of Christian Growth (Part 1)

Session 3 Elements of Christian Growth (Part 2)

Session 4 Names of God

Session 5 Woman of Noble Character

Session 6 Seasons of Life

Session 7 Women as Leaders

Session 8 Stand Firm

Session 9 Faith after Failure