Vision - 2020

OUR MISSION: Our mission is to train church leaders in Africa in order to advance the true gospel through strong, vibrant, healthy churches.
OUR VISION: By 2020, ITEM will provide basic Bible and theological training for up to 5,000 church leaders annually and work to engage at least half (up to 2,500 per year) of those pastors in a structured mentoring fellowship where they become godly examples (Heb 13:7), equippers (Eph 4:11-12), and Bible expositors (1 Tim 4:13). These pastors will then be equipped to lead their churches to become strong, vibrant, and healthy.
Definition: In an E-4 Church (Ephesians 4:11-16), the pastor is equipping the saints to do ministry (vv. 11-12). Saints are doing the ministry (v. 12). The church is growing numerically/spiritually (v. 12). There is a growing understanding (unity) of the Christian faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God. The body is being brought to maturity (v. 13). And the members are growing in discernment and are, therefore, no longer easy victims of false teachers promoting a false gospel for personal gain (v. 14).
The three steps:
1. Conduct Bible/theology seminars in each of 10 African countries yearly. This is the Institute in the Foundations of Church Leadership (IFCL). We anticipate up to 5,000 pastors attending these seminars spread across these 10 countries.
2. Invite these 5,000 to a second seminar. The seminar will focus on what an E-4 church is and the pastor’s role as a godly example, an equipper, and a Bible expositor. This is the ITEM Conference on Ministry and Preaching (I-COMP). We expect half of the 5000, or 2500, will attend the second seminar in some location in their country.
3. The estimated 2500 will be offered our assistance in developing an E-4 Church. Those who say “YES” will be enrolled in a two-year (once a month) fellowship group where they will be systematically helped in the areas of being a godly example, equipping, and preaching.