Pastor Julius Twongyeirwe was one of Dr. Steve Van Horn's first students. He was a part of Steve's first class at the school of theology in Nairobi, Kenya where Steve has taught at once or twice yearly since January 1998. Julius and Steve became close friends immediately, and as they began to pray for each other God gave them both a similar vision for training pastors. Steve travels to Uganda twice a year and is the primary teacher/lecturer at pastors' seminars which are a part of Julius' new ministry, "The Proclamation Task," which is now training pastors from almost every region of Uganda.

Dr. Julius Twongyeirwe has gone on to earn his Master of Divinity and Doctor of Missiology degrees from a seminary in the United States and his ministry continues to grow and flourish in Uganda.
Pastor Hillary Wafula was one of the trainees at one of the first seminars in Uganda. When Dr. Twongyeirwe started putting his time entirely into building his own ministry Hillary was asked to replace him. Hillary has done a magnificent job giving direction to ITEMís ministry in Uganda.
The notes we provide have a storehouse of Bible and theological notes that provide pastors with hours upon hours of study material after seminar. In this picture you can see the notes in the laps of each attendee.
Pastors often accompany Steve to see for themselves the effectiveness of the training and participate in the seminars. One of the many who have participated is Pastor Jim Glasscock, Bethany Chapel, Marion Center, PA.
ITEM has conducted seminars in Kampala, Jinja, Iganga, Lumino Town, and Mbale. This is the group picture for the seminar in Mbale.
With the new emphasis on training trainers, Steve meets with potential ITEM trainers to explain what will be expected and how they can qualify. This is the Uganda meeting.
This is another view of the planning meeting in Uganda with the ITEM coordinator, Pastor Hillary Wafula, being pointed out.