"ITEM training is changing the way I preach. I was preaching on the topics, but now I have started to preach using the expository method. In our church people tell me that when I preach they understand very clearly the message because I am going slowly verse by verse. I just finished 1 John. Thanks.

Peace Mialamba has interpreted for ITEM several times. Because of his background he did not find expository preaching helpful. But now he has discovered that it is the best method. He says that it is helping him preach according the context of the Scripture. He is excited now to study the Bible regularly."
-- Pastor Benoit Mazunda, ITEM Coordinator for the Democratic Republic of the Congo


A pastor from Cameroon talks about how the ITEM seminar benefited his ministry.
"Through  ITEM seminars Kenyan pastors, who could not afford to get money to attend a Bible college have been trained and equipped for the work of ministry. Now they are able to study, understand, interpret, and apply the Word accurately. ITEM training warns people of error and helps them avoid the influence of unholy teachings."
-- Pastor Apollo Oluoch, ITEM Coordinator for Kenya
Dane and Jo Petersen have supported ITEM financially since its founding in 2003. They have seen the growth and are excited about the future. In this video Jo explains what it is about ITEM's ministry that keeps them exicited.
"ITEM seminars have not only had influence in Uganda but have had impact in the lives of ministers and the church at large for eternity. A number of pastors have confessed how ITEM seminars have touched their mental, emotions and the will as compared to other seminars that only stirs up emotions which fade away in a moment especially when you engage the mind.

Pastor Stephen Wandera said that when Dr. Stephen Van Horn teaches, you see the real meaning in Scripture which arrests the mind for sincere application of Scripture in life and ministry.

I am proud of ITEM philosophy of teaching the Scripture alone. In every seminar we have had, everyone has left desiring for more. With the new strategy of training key leaders in the regions with the view of those leaders becoming trainers in their respective regions, we will reach the entire country in a short time with the truth that impacts lives and ministries for eternity."
-- Pastor Hillary Wafula, ITEM Coordinator for Uganda
This pastor in Cameroon attended one of our Bible and theology seminars one year ago. We asked him how he has used what he heard at the seminar and how his church has changed since he started applying what he learned in his church. This is his answer.
Jeff and Jill LaTray have supported ITEM with their prayers and finances since ITEM was founded in 2003. In this short statement Jeff explains it is because of the emphasis on the Word of God and the discipleship and multiplication that is taking place as pastors in Africa are learning to teach the Word to their congregations as well.
Dale & Mellissa Bernhardt have been supporting International Training & Equipping Ministries financially since its founding in 2003. In this video they explain why the believe in the ministry of ITEM and why they continue to support the work ITEM is doing.