Trainer Information

International Training & Equipping Ministries (ITEM) has been conducting Bible and Theology seminars in 10 African countries since 2003. ITEMís purpose is to train Pastors in Africa, so they can teach their own people the Bible. Image five well trained Africans in each of these 10 African countries. Each of these trained men conducting four basic Bible and theology seminars each year, and each seminar is attended by 50 other African pastors over the next five years. Thatís 10 countries, five trainer, four seminars, and 50 pastors being trained at each seminar. This adds up to 10,000 previously untrained pastors a year receiving a basic education in Bible and theology.

Using a curriculum provided by Bible Training Centers for Pastors (BTCP), pastors and teachers will provided approximately 520 additional hours of Bible training. ITEM has identified a team of potential trainers in each of the 10 African countries. These potential trainers are waiting for more training in the Bible and theology. This training will qualify them to begin conducting ITEM seminars on their own in their country.  

Now is the time to train Africans to train their own. You can be part of this teaching! Contact us at today if you are interested in partnering with ITEM to teach Pastors in Africa.