Pastor Nathan Chiroma was one of Dr. Steve Van Horn's students at NIST in Kenya in 2001. Nathan now teaches at JETS, the Jos *ECWA Theological Seminary (Evangelical Church of West Africa).  Nathan was challenged and helped so much by the expository preaching course taught by Dr. Van Horn that he developed a passion for expository preaching, and is working with Steve to train other Nigerian pastors in this important skill.

Steve has now been to Nigeria over 7 times training hundreds of pastors in five cities. With the on-the-ground leadership being provided by Nathan, ITEM's ministry continues to grow and strengthen there. Nathan has begun conducting the ITEM seminars on his own, training hundreds of others in Steveís absence.

Pastor Nathan Chiroma was one of Dr. Steve Van Hornís students at the Nairobi International School of Theology (NIST) in Kenya in 2001. After graduation Nathan moved back to teach at the Jos ECWA (Evangelical Church Winning All) Theological Seminary in Jos, Nigeria.  At the same time, Nathan became ITEMís coordinator in Nigeria. Nathan is committed to mentoring other young men and has contacts in other West African nations, which have proven to be of a benefit to ITEMís reach.
Williams Burga (L) is a pastor and friend of Nathanís (R). Williams has worked with Youth for Christ. He was a pastor in northern Nigeria in the city of Gusau and is now pastoring a church in Lagos. Williams has coordinated some of ITEMís seminars in Nigeria while Nathan was in South Africa getting his doctorate.
O.J. Dickson, seen here with his wife on their wedding day, has served as one of ITEM's seminar coordinators in Nigeria when Nathan Chiroma was in South Africa studying for his doctorate.
In third world countries like Nigeria, the money to finance the seminar is provided almost entirely by the training organization. That means that the food, along with the training materials, is provided. Here you see the pastors enjoying a good lunch paid for by contributions given to ITEM.
The lunches ITEM serves are sometimes very substantial, like what we see here at a seminar in Abuja, Nigeria or very simple like a bread and butter sandwich, which along with a soda, was served in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
ITEM also tries to provide Bible study resources for the pastors, most of whom feel fortunate just to own a Bible. Here you see pastors raising a book entitled "An Everyday Guide to the Bible" purchased for $1 at Dollar Tree stores in the United States. It is a simple but helpful resource.  Another resource that ITEM has been able to make available is the Life Application Study Bible in cooperation with the publisher, Tyndale.
ITEM has had numerous seminars in and around Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria. This is the trained group from one of the seminars in Abuja.
ITEM's strategy is to train trainers. Here, in Jos, ITEM brought together about 50 pastors from around the country to be trained using ITEM's material. They were challenged to take the material and organize their own seminars locally. Some have done just that.
Our question & answer times are an important part of our seminars as is the time spent answering individual questions during break times. In this case Steve was answering a question raised by this woman after one of the lectures.
ITEM's goal is to have trained trainers in each country in which it ministers by 2018. This meeting was with representatives from Nigeria, Liberia, and Cameroon. The purpose was to talk about the plan and to set some initial goals and schedules.
Nigeria is trying to deal with the HIV/AIDS problem by promoting abstinence. Here you see a billboard presenting the message in a contemporary way.
All of the buildings in Africa are built with cement blocks (bricks) and cement. The size of the building doesnít matter. Here is an example of a huge building being built block by block. Very often the blocks are covered with a thin layer of cement, which can be painted. The inner walls are always cemented over and painted, if the family can afford it.
Steve with church leaders.